Samsung OM55N-DS 55"1920x1080 Double sided indoor high bright(semi outdoor)Smart 24/7

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  • Samsung OM55N-DS 55"1920x1080 Double sided indoor high bright
  • Samsung OM55N-DS 55"1920x1080 Double sided indoor high bright
  • Samsung OM55N-DS 55"1920x1080 Double sided indoor high bright


Full HD double-sided window display for comprehensive customer engagement

  • Ultra-high brightness emphasizing content, regardless of the lighting conditions
  • Slim and contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into any display window
  • Easy content management with a built-in management solution

Present bright content on a dual-display

Dual-display, double the impact. Engineered to enhance multiple environments, maintaining picture integrity on the window-facing side even in direct sunlight, while delivering information concisely in-store for comprehensive customer engagement.

Modernize space with flexible design

Choose the position of your display with multiple installation options, complementing any environment with a flexible, smart design.

Maximize operational efficiency

A double-sided display allows content on both sides, all powered by just one electric power cord and one LAN cable for minimal clutter and maximized energy efficiency.

Streamline content management

The OMN-DS series’ embedded MagicINFO Player S7, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the display’s overall performance, allowing for easy content management and ensuring seamless content transition and playback.

Durable Performance

With IP5X-validated dust protection and embedded, proprietary functionality that mitigates overheating, the OMN-DS series continuously provides robust durability.

Clean Cable Configuration

Connectivity cover keeps connections clean and organized. Embedded Wi-Fi also allows for updates without the need for any additional messy cables.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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