Epson ELPLP96-RB Projector Lamp

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  • Epson ELPLP96-RB Projector Lamp
  • Epson ELPLP96-RB Projector Lamp
  • Epson ELPLP96-RB Projector Lamp
  • Epson ELPLP96-RB Projector Lamp


  • PROJECTION BULB DESCRIPTION -This is ELPLP96 V13H010L96 a new replacement projector lamp bulb, use the same as bright and durable lamp wick as the original bulb. make it more brillancy and clear.
  • REPLACEMENT LAMP LIFE -3000 (normal) / after 4000 hours (economy).Our high quality replacement projector lamp bulb last much longer ,and provide a brighter, cleaner light source.
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS -Ctrl+F to find your model For EPSON ELPLP96 V13H010L96 VS250 VS350 VS355 Home Cinema 1060 Home Cinema 2100 Home Cinema 2150 Home Cinema 660 Home Cinema 760 HOME CINEMA 760HD POWERLITE 107 POWERLITE 108 POWERLITE 109W PowerLite 1266 PowerLite 1286 POWERLITE 970 980W 990U S39 POWERLITE W39 PowerLite X39
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS -Ctrl+F to find your model For EPSON Pro EX9210 Pro EX9220 EB-108 EB-2042 EB-2142W EB-2247U EB-960W EB-970 EB-980W EB-990U EB-S05 EB-S39EB-S41 EB-U05EB-U42 EB-W05 EB-W39 EB-W41 EB-W42 EB-X05 EB-X39 EB-107 EB-109W EB-S140 EB-S400 EB-U140 EB-W140 EB-X140 EB-X400 EB-X41 EB-X450 EH-TW5400 EH-TW5600 EH-TW5650 EH-TW610 EH-TW650 EX5260
  • LBTGROUP'S the designated distributor of replacement bulb projector for EPSON ELPLP96 V13H010L96 ,and is responsible for all the projector lamp descriptions;When your light bulb expires naturally within 180 days, a replacement light bulb will be shipped to you free of charge.If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service. We would be very grateful.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - LBTGROUP specialize in providing high-quality service of projector lamps.has own factory and many experienced workers.Test before shipment 100% working. simple and easy to install. please shut down your Projector when you install it.
  • Resetting the Lamp Timer-After replacing the projector lamp, you must reset the lamp timer so that the projector can track lamp usage correctly,Select the Reset menu and press Enter.
  • Unit count: 1.0
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