Sony VPL-SW125 Short Throw WXGA Projector

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  • Sony VPL-SW125 Short Throw WXGA Projector
  • Sony VPL-SW125 Short Throw WXGA Projector


The Sony VPL-SW125 Short Throw WXGA Projector packs an impressive array of features in a moderately priced unit which is ideal for business, educational or home use. This full-featured projector offers a powerful 2600 lumens of brightness backed with a crisp 3800:1 contrast ratio, rendering sharp vivid WXGA 1280 x 800 images on screens up to 100" (2.5 m). Its 0.59" x 3 BrightEra LCD Panel (the parts that create the image) delivers smooth, seamless color combined with an unparalleled grayscale range.

If we wanted to add a descriptor to the VPL-SW125's name, a good one might be Eco (economy). This is a projector that will keep saving you money after the initial purchase. Energy savings start with the 210W high-pressure mercury lamp. It boasts a projected life of 6000 hours in Low Mode and since it's synchronized with the durable filter, both are replaced at the same time saving precious minutes of downtime during feature films or presentations. The Eco menu, which offers low, medium and high operating modes, is easily accessed on the projector keypad or the remote control. Other energy saving features include low power consumption and a Power Saving Mode, which shuts down the projector if no signal is detected in 10 minutes. The highly-efficient front fan exhaust enables what Sony calls Off and Go, which virtually eliminates cool-down time and has you packed and off to your next destination in record time.

The VPL-SW125 is equipped to use your local network (LAN) thanks to its wired RJ-45 (Ethernet) jack. You can make presentations from any PC on your network as well as managing, monitoring and controlling it remotely. You can also send important announcements like rescheduling information or weather updates to a whole fleet of VPL-SW125s. They, in turn can email you individual status data detailing conditions like excessively high temperature, imminent lamp burn-out and other maintenance issues.

The VPL-SW125 also has the international credentials you've come to expect in more expensive projectors. It's got a world-ready 100 to 240 volt 50/60Hz power supply. It can handle NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-60 and SECAM video signals and it has a 20 language onscreen display (OSD). The VPL-SW125 also decodes and displays closed captioning from programming that provides it, benefiting those in your audience with hearing impairments. It also helps people with native languages other than English as well as those in noisy environments such as gyms and trade shows. Lastly, just to make sure that the lightweight VPL-EX145 doesn't depart without leaving a forwarding address, security is provided by anti-theft anchor points, as well as password and keypad lockouts.

The VPL-SW125 has a package of security measures, including password protection, and physical anti-theft anchor points
The filter only needs to be changed when a new lamp is fitted, potentially halving disruption due to maintenance
The VPL-SW125 has six picture modes (Dynamic, Standard, Game, Living, Cinema and Presentation) that can be selected to suite the nature of the source material
With the Direct Power On/Off function, there is no need to go through "Standby Mode" when powering up the projector. The projector can be set to activate as soon as power is applied
A color brightness output of 2600 lumens and an outstanding contrast ratio of 3800:1 bursts out of Bright Era LCD panels
12-bit 3D Digital Gamma Correction provides smoother and more accurate color reproduction
With the short throw lens that gives a throw ratio of 0.62:1, the VPL-SW125 is capable of projecting a large image from short distance. It helps to reduce the glare of the presenter, or reduce the space to reproduce a large image
Replace lamps less frequently with a long lamp life of 3000/4500/6000 hours. With the push of the "Eco Mode" button on the projector or remote commander, Lamp Mode saves the consumption of lamp wattage. The "Eco Mode" button is also user-customizable providing parameter selection of Lamp Mode, Power Saving Mode, and Standby settings. Power Saving Mode kicks in if there is no operation for 10 minutes without any signal input. Standby Mode can reduce power consumption in standby
When a computer is used as a picture source, APA automatically optimizes Phase, Pitch and Shift values. These can also be adjusted manually
The projector can detect keystone distortion and can correct it automatically
The VPL-SW125 has a color light output of 2600 ANSI lumens and with a native WXGA (1280 x 800) widescreen resolution panel, it is perfect for video or presentations direct from a laptop or PC
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1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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