Epson ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Module (V12H418P12)

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Epson ELPAP07 Overview

The Epson ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Module allows you to wirelessly project content from a computer or, when used with Epson EasyMP Monitor and Netowrk Projection software, access a network to monitor and control your compatible Epson multimedia projector. It is compliant with 802.11 b/g/n standards and offers compatibility with Mac and Windows operating systems. This module is able to transmit audio as well. The ELPAP07 is compatible with a range of Epson products.

Key Features

  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • USB Type A Connector
  • Mac & Windows Compatible
  • Transmits Audio

Epson ELPAP07 Specs

Compatible Models

Home Cinema 3000
BrightLink 425Wi
BrightLink 430i
BrightLink 435Wi
BrightLink 436Wi
BrightLink 475Wi
BrightLink 480i
BrightLink 485Wi
BrightLink 575Wi
BrightLink 585Wi
BrightLink 595Wi
BrightLink Pro 1410Wi
BrightLink Pro 1420Wi
BrightLink Pro 1430Wi
EX5230 Pro
EX7230 Pro
EX7235 Pro
PowerLite 1222
PowerLite 1262W
PowerLite 1263W
PowerLite 1760W
PowerLite 1761W
PowerLite 1771W
PowerLite 1775W
PowerLite 1776W
PowerLite 1835
PowerLite 1945W
PowerLite 1955
PowerLite 1965
PowerLite 1975W
PowerLite 1985WU
PowerLite 420
PowerLite 425W
PowerLite 430
PowerLite 435W
PowerLite 4650
PowerLite 470
PowerLite 4750W
PowerLite 475W
PowerLite 480
PowerLite 4855WU
PowerLite 485W
PowerLite 520
PowerLite 525W
PowerLite 530
PowerLite 530
PowerLite 535W
PowerLite 570
PowerLite 575W
PowerLite 580
PowerLite 585W
PowerLite 905
PowerLite 915W
PowerLite 935W
PowerLite 95
PowerLite 955W
PowerLite 955WH
PowerLite 965
PowerLite 965H
PowerLite 96W
PowerLite 97
PowerLite 97H
PowerLite 98
PowerLite 98H
PowerLite 99W
PowerLite 99WH
PowerLite D6150
PowerLite D6155W
PowerLite D6250
PowerLite Pro G6050W
PowerLite Pro G6050WNL
PowerLite Pro G6070W
PowerLite Pro G6150NL
PowerLite Pro G6170
PowerLite Pro G6270W
PowerLite Pro G6450WU
PowerLite Pro G6450WUNL
PowerLite Pro G6470WU
PowerLite Pro G6550WU
PowerLite Pro G6550WUNL
PowerLite Pro G6570WU
PowerLite Pro G6750WU
PowerLite Pro G6750WUNL
PowerLite Pro G6770WU
PowerLite Pro Z8150NL
PowerLite Pro Z8250NL
PowerLite Pro Z8255NL
PowerLite Pro Z8350WNL
PowerLite Pro Z8450WUNL
PowerLite Pro Z8455WUNL
PowerLite S17
PowerLite S27
PowerLite W29
PowerLite X17
PowerLite X27


Not specified by manufacturer


Not specified by manufacturer

Packaging Info

Package Weight

0.2 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

7.1 x 5 x 1.5"

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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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