BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector

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  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector
  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector
  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector
  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector
  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector
  • BenQ SP891 1080p DLP Digital Projector


BenQ SP891 Overview

With Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution and 4,500 ANSI lumens of brightness at a tack-sharp 3,000:1 contrast ratio, the BenQ SP891 DLP Digital Projector creates a unique theater experience wherever it's used.

The SP891 can deliver 720p, 1080i and 1080p / 60 / 50 / 24 high definition signals from a satellite, a cable box and Blu-ray discs. And those images will stay in pristine digital form (no analog conversion required) along the path between the device and the SP891 thanks to its HDMI 1.3 input.

The part that forms the picture in this projector is a Texas Instruments DLP DMD panel. It features an innovation that Texas Instruments it calls BrilliantColor and you'll call it amazing. Unlike other technologies such as LCD that use just three primary colors to produce the image, DLP Technology with BrilliantColor uses up to six separate colors.

Color accuracy is paramount to a quality image. BrilliantColor not only improves color accuracy, it brightens secondary colors as well. This combination produces a new level of color performance that increases the brightness of the colors by up to 50% over DLP projectors without BrilliantColor for accurate, true-to-life images.

The SP891's Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) by IDT makes even 480i signals look almost as good as high definition while the digital comb filter further enhances color purity. Other features that contribute to the clean, smooth image rendition are true pixel-by-pixel-processing and motion-adaptive de-interlacing. 

This projector also has a set of four picture modes for A/V inputs. For each type there are inputs specialized for brightly lit rooms, presentations, viewing photos, standard and watching movies plus two "user" modes that allow you to save your own picture preferences.

The SP891 not only projects stunning pictures, it can do so all over the world with its 100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz auto switching power supply and its ability to handle NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video signals. Its OSD (on-screen display) offers your choice of 16 languages. It's even got a high-altitude mode. 

The extensive connectivity includes HDMI, Component and S-video as well as a PC in and monitor out. With all of those possible inputs you may find that you have multiple sources plugged into your SP891 at the same time. With Auto Input Search activated it will automatically switch to the one that's got the live signal. An RJ-45 connector allows remote control of the projector over a network as well as email alerts, maintenance scheduling and monitoring.   

Best of all, your SP891 is energy efficient. It uses only 520 watts to project its super bright image and in standby mode it draws only a single watt. A security password and panel key lock ensures against unauthorized use. Auto off shuts down the projector after a proscribed period of non-use and its quick-cool function allows you to pack up and move on to your next appointment. 

4,500 ANSI Lumens at up to a 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio

If you're looking for brightness and resolution, the BenQ SP891 makes an ideal choice. This Full HD projector offers super bright 4,500 ANSI lumens high brightness and up to a 3,000:1 high contrast ratio.
Key Features
  • 4,500 ANSI Lumens
  • 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • DLP DMD Panel by Texas Instruments
  • Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) Resolution
  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p High Definition
  • HDMI 1.3 Input
  • International Auto-switch Power Supply
  • 16 Language OSD (On-Screen Display)
  • Standby Mode Draws Less Than 1 Watt

Premium Full HD 1080p Resolution

With the BenQ SP891, business presentations, classroom lectures or watching Blu-ray discs in your media room will never look the same—even in large venues like conference halls, auditoriums and large home theaters. The SP890 supports multiple video formats including 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p—giving you the flexibility to present in the latest video formats with Full HD quality. The BenQ SP891 sets a new standard of video presentation that delivers five times more detail than traditional 480p projectors.

Big Zoom for Extra Projector Installation Flexibility

The SP891's 1.5x big Zoom feature opens up space with an impressively wide range of throw distances. All you have to do is simply place the new projector right where your original ceiling mount is. Without adding projector setting re-construction costs to your budget list, you'll get to save the money for better use.

Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) Image Quality

Sophisticated HQV processing not only renders HD video sources in true 1080p high definition, but enhances standard definition content to new levels of clarity and vibrancy. Lower-resolution video sources such as 480i, whether analog or digital, are automatically converted to produce full HD-like image quality.

Extremely High Contrast Ratio

The combined expertise of BenQ's projector know-how, Texas Instruments' DynamicBlack and Philips' VIDI lamp technology delivers an impressive 3,000:1 contrast ratio for superbly rendered image definition, even in the darkest scenes.

Lens Shift for Extra Room for Minor Miscalculations

Lens shift offers the extra flexibility to overcome any minor miscalculations during projector installation. All you have to do is adjust the switch next to the lens to shift the projected image left or right by 41% or up or down by 125% within the projector housing. With this helpful feature, you'll never have to worry about positioning the projector slightly out of place again.

Texas Instruments BrilliantColor Performance

BenQ's high-speed, 6-segment color wheel delivers the best balance between optimal brightness and color, while BrilliantColor technology boosts mid-tone colors to increase overall brightness to produce a more life-like picture.

VIDI Lighting Technology Adjusts Light More Effectively

BenQ has joined efforts with Philips and Texas Instruments to create VIDI—a sophisticated color enhancement technology which adjusts to the overall brightness level of different scenes. By flexibly controlling the brightness output of the projector lamp in milliseconds, the SP891 gives you the most optimal situational color ratio through three distinguished projection modes. Enjoy the best image projection for all your presentations in any room every time.

True 10-bit Processing for Image Intensity and Rich Gradation of Color

True 10-bit color processing allows the SP891 to distinguish and display more than one billion colors. This results in dramatically greater color precision and a more life-like picture than is possible with 8-bit technology, which produces only 16 million colors.

Independent Color Management Puts You in Control

Your SP891 allows you to independently adjust six different colors. Change one color, and the rest remain as before.

Remote Maintenance with Crestron RoomView

BenQ is proud to introduce Crestron-supported RoomView network service for companies, schools and other organizations. The SP891 is Crestron RoomView-supported to provide IT personnel and projector managers simplified real-time, facility-wide central access and control over a single projector or groups of projectors simultaneously via a single station.

BenQ SP891 Specs

Image Display  
Projector Display System Texas Instruments DLP DMP
Native Resolution Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)
Number of Pixels 2,073,600
Lumens Brightness 4,500 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1
Aspect Ratio Anamorphic / 4:3 / Wide / Letter Box / Real Screen (selectable)
HDTV Compatibility 720p, 1080i, 1080p / 60 / 50 / 24
Lens System  
Lens F= 2.48 - 2.43, Focal length= 24.1 - 36.1 mm
Focus/Zoom Adjusting Not specified / Manual 1.5x
Throw ratio: 2.62 to 2.43 (1.4 m @ 2 m)
Digital zoom x2
Lens Shift Vertical: ±125% / Horizontal: ±41%
Recommended Projection Size 28 - 500" (0.7 - 12.7 m)
Keystone Correction 2D, Manual vertical: ±30% / horizontal: ±30%
Ceiling Mountable Yes
Rear Screen Projection Yes
Projection Tilt Option Yes
2 Tuner Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Yes
Closed Caption Decoder (CC) Yes
Digital Comb Filter Yes
Built-in Speaker 5W x2
Input Terminals HDMI 1.3 x1
RGB (mini D-sub 15-pin) x 1
Component video: RCA x3
S-video (mini DIN 4-pin) x1
Composite (RCA) x1
Audio (stereo mini jack) x1
Analog RGB for PC (D-sub 15-pin) x1
Output Terminals Monitor (D-Sub 15-pin) x1
Variable audio out (stereo mini jack) x1
Trigger: 12 V DC
Control Terminals RS-232C (Mini D-sub 9-pin) x1
RJ-45 (Wired LAN) x1
USB (type B, for service only) x1
Lamp (Bulb) 400W
Lamp life: 1,500 hours Normal mode, 2,000 hours Eco mode
Fan Noise 33dB Eco
36dB Normal
Remote Control IR wireless
Power Requirements 100 - 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz Auto-switching
Dimensions 16.9 x 6.1 x 13.6" (428 x 156 x 345 mm)
Weight 15.9 lb (7.2 kg)
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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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