Panasonic PT-DZ10KU WUXGA 720p DLP Projector

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  • Panasonic PT DZ10KU - WUXGA 720p DLP Projector
  • Panasonic PT DZ10KU - WUXGA 720p DLP Projector
  • Panasonic PT DZ10KU - WUXGA 720p DLP Projector
  • Panasonic PT DZ10KU - WUXGA 720p DLP Projector
  • Panasonic PT DZ10KU - WUXGA 720p DLP Projector


Panasonic DZ10KU Overview

The Panasonic PT-DZ10KU 3-Chip DLP Projector features a dual-lamp system that helps make its body compact, while providing a full 10,600 lumens of brightness in dual lamp mode.

When in Lamp Relay Mode, the projector eliminates any interruptions if a lamp should fail, and enables 24/7 projection. The projector’s Dynamic Iris feature uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 without lowering its brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more detailed textures. An integrated Eco Filter combines with the dust-resistant cabinet to allow long-term use in harsh conditions, while a maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours reduces the time and cost of repair.

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal/vertical lens shift function can be easily adjusted with the remote control. The unit can also be rotated 360° vertically, to accommodate various installation conditions. The lens-centered design contributes to easy installation. High brightness, along with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, helps produce bright, crisp, and sharp images.

This projector does not ship with a lens.

Key Features

  • Brightness of 10,600 Lumens in Dual Mode
  • 1920 x 1200 Resolution
  • 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 3D Projection Capability
  • Dual Lamp System Design
  • 12,000 Hour Eco-Filter
  • Easy Remote Monitoring Over a LAN
  • DICOM Simulation Mode
  • Geometric Adjustment Feature
  • Horizontal/Vertical Lens Shift

Compact Yet Bright

Panasonic's original dual-lamp system, with its 355 W lamp, helps make the body compact, while providing full 10,600 lm of brightness with 120 VAC operation. The replacement lamp unit (ET-LAD310A/ET-LAD310AW) can be used with the PT-DZ8700, DS8500, DW8300, DZ110X, DS100X, DW90X projectors. This reduces the number of lamp types that need to be kept in stock when multiple projectors are used.
The projector cannot be operated continuously 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in dual-lamp mode. Use the dual-lamp optical system's alternating lamp operation (lamp changer) function.

Full-HD Ready WUXGA Resolution

This projector features native WUXGA resolution for full-HD viewing. This brings you lifelike projection of intricate, highly detailed images.
WUXGA resolution is supported only when the signals are compliant with VESA CVT-RB (Coordinated Video Timing-Reduced Blanking).

Dynamic Iris for a High 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Panasonic's Dynamic Iris uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve10,000:1 contrast without lowering its brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more detailed textures.
Full on/off, with dynamic iris set to 3.

Detail Clarity Processor 3

This Panasonic circuit optimizes the sharpness of each image, based on the superhigh-, high-, medium-, and low-frequency components of the extracted image information. The resulting images have more natural, lifelike expressions.

System Daylight View 2 for Enhanced Color Perception

This Panasonic technology optimizes image quality to improve the color perception of the projected image in bright rooms. With a brightness of 10,600lm, it provides highly comfortable viewing even in bright lighting, and allows viewers to concentrate easily on the images.

DICOM Simulation Mode

This imaging mode is similar to DICOM part 14, which is a medical imaging standard. It reproduces X-ray images with remarkable clarity.
This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use it for actual medical diagnosis.

Active 3D Projection Capability

This projector is compatible with both passive and active 3D projection systems. It combines with either a separate, external 100/120/144 Hz drive with IR emitter and active shutter glasses, or an active filter and passive glasses, for viewing 3D images.

Waveform Monitor Function

When the output level of the source device fluctuates due to the performance of the device or its cable connections, the original black and white levels of the image content cannot be reproduced correctly. With this projector you can view the waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings either automatically or manually as you prefer.

Rec. 709 Mode for HDTV Projection

Optimal color reproduction can be achieved by selecting this mode, compliant with ITU-R Recommendation BT.709, when images from an HDTV source are projected.

Dual Lamp System

This system eliminates the interruption if a lamp should fail (in dual-lamp operation mode). The Lamp Relay Mode also operates the lamps alternately to enable 24/7 projection.

Eco Filter that Needs No Maintenance for up to 12,000 Hours

The Eco Filter has an electrostatic Micro Cut Filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. It combines with the dust-resistant cabinet to enable long-term use even under harsh conditions. Its maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours reduces hassle, and the environmental design lets you wash the filter with water and reuse it.
The usage environment affects the filter maintenance cycle.

Low TCO and an Environmentally Friendly Design

This projector lowers the total cost of ownership because they have a lamp replacement cycle of up to 3,500 hours. Their environmentally friendly design also includes a low power consumption of 925W.
With the Lamp power set to HIGH mode. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

Easy Lamp Replacement

For easier maintenance, you can replace the lamp from the rear. This makes it easy to replace a lamp unit while the projector is still in the mounting bracket or dual stacked.

Optional Smoke Cut Filter ET-SFD320

The projector can be equipped with an optional, extra-strong air filter to prevent the entry of smoke, such as those used for special effects at events and stage performances.

Flexible Installation

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal/vertical lens shift function can be easily adjusted with the remote control. The unit can also be rotated 360° vertically, to accommodate various installation conditions. The lens-centered design contributes to easy installation.

Lens Memory

The settings of projection size, lens shift position, and focus/zoom can be stored in memory and recalled for instant switching.
The settings stored in memory and the projection condition after recall may not match perfectly.

Wide Selection of Optional Lenses

Choose from a wide lineup of lenses for your system, including short-throw, long throw zoom and fixed-throw lenses for rear projection use. The additional lenses make it easy to adapt your projector to the installation site. The lenses attach and detach with one-touch ease.

Crestron RoomView

The LAN terminal allows a computer connected to the network to use Crestron RoomView application software to manage and control system devices.

Multi-Unit Brightness Control

This function automatically corrects the brightness fluctuations that occur over time in the individual projectors of a multi-screen system. Up to 8 projectors can be controlled by connecting to each other via a hub, and this can be increased to a maximum of 2,048 projectors by using Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.8.

Multi-Screen Support System Seamlessly Connects Multiple Screens

Edge Blending: The edges of adjacent screens can be blended and their luminance controlled.

Color Matching: This function corrects for slight variations in the color reproduction range of individual projectors. The PC software assures easy, accurate control.

Multi-Screen Processor: This projector can project large, multi-screen images without any additional equipment. Up to 100 units can be edge blended at a time.

Optional Portrait Mode Capability

Portrait projection is possible by mounting the optional ET-LAD320P or ET-LAD320PW lamp units, updating the projector's firmware to MAIN Ver. 2.00 or later, and installing the projector with its terminal side surface facing downward.
Portrait orientation is possible only with the terminal side facing downward. Horizontal and vertical rotation limited to 15°. The lamp replacement cycle becomes 500 hours, and this cycle is affected by the usage environment.

Multiple Terminals with HD-SDI Compatibility

This projector has an array of terminals, including two SDI, DVI-D, and HDMI terminals.

Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.8

Panasonic's original Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.8 freeware lets you control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time over a wired LAN. If a problem occurs, an alarm message is sent to the monitoring/controlling PC.

Web Browser Control

This projector can be easily operated remotely over a LAN network, because it is all done using the computer's familiar web browser. Furthermore, the projector sends an e-mail message notify the operator when an error has needs to be replaced.

Miscellaneous Features

  • PJLink compatibility
  • P-in-P function
  • Mechanical lens shutter with fade in/out effect
  • Scheduling function
  • Direct power off
  • 98.4’ long-range wireless remote control with LED backlight
  • Anti-theft features with chain opening
  • Control device setup function
  • ID assignment for up to 64 units
  • Built-in test pattern
  • Selectable 10-language on-screen menu (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
  • RoHS Directive compliant 3D color management system
  • Full 10-bit image processing
  • Progressive cinema scan (3:2 pulldown)
  • Dynamic sharpness control
  • Digital noise reduction
  • IP conversion
  • AI scene control
  • 2:2 pulldown mode
  • sRGB compatibility
  • Fine-adjustable color temperature
  • No halogenated flame retardants are used in the cabinet
  • Lead-free solder is used to mount components to the printed circuit boards
  • Stand-by power consumption of only 0.2W with the standby mode set to ECO
  • Auto Power Save activates standby mode when no signal is input
P-in-P function cannot be used with some input signals and selected inputs.

Panasonic DZ10KU Specs

Display System 3-Chip 0.96" DLP
Native Chip Resolution 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
Supported Resolutions VGA - 640 x 480
Maximum Brightness 10,600 Lumens
Uniformity 90%
Offset None
Aspect Ratio Native: 16:10
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1


Projection Size 70 - 1000" / 177.80 - 2540.00 cm
Keystone Correction Vertical: ± 40°
Horizontal: ± 15°
Ceiling Mountable Yes
Rear Screen Projection Yes
Inputs/Outputs 1 x Composite (BNC) Video Input
1 x DVI-D Video Input
1 x HDMI (HDMI Type-A) Audio, Video Input
1 x 5BNC Video Input
1 x VGA (DE-15/DB-15) Video Input
1 x Composite (BNC) Video Input
2 x DE-9/DB-9 Control Input
1 x DE-9/DB-9 Control Output
1 x M3 Control Input
1 x M3 Control Input
1 x Ethernet (RJ45) LAN Input
Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi None
Light Source Lamp (2 x UHM)
Lamp Power 355 W
Expected Lamp Life Full Brightness: 3500 Hours
Security Cable Lock Slot
Password Protection
Heat Dissipation 3413 BTU (AC 0 to 120V)
Power Consumption Full Brightness: 925 W
Standby Mode (Lamp Off): 6 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 20.9 x 7.9 x 21.6" / 530.9 x 200.7 x 548.6 mm Lens Not Included
Weight 52.91 lb / 24 kg
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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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