Sakar 30mm 3-Piece Polarizer/UV/F-DL Filter Kit Metal Rim with Leather Case, 15 Year Warranty (V0300-30N)

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Sakar 30mm 3-Piece Polarizer/UV/F-DL Filter Kit Metal Rim with Leather Case, 15 Year Warranty
UV: A UV filter protects your camera's lens from scratches,dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints, while reducing unwanted ultra-violet light. Cameras are moresensitive to ultraviolet light than our eyes are.A blue haze may appear in pictures taken when there is excessive UV light. A UV filter can reduce atmospheric haze when it is caused by blue radiation and ultraviolet. Since our eyes cannot see this part of the spectrum, UV filters, also known as skylight or haze filters, are recommended for all outdoor shooting.
Fluorescent: The F-DL fluorescent light correction filter provides the perfect solution for obtaining pleasing skin tones and correct color while shooting without a flash under fluorescent lighting. This filter gives true-to-lifecolor rendition by removing the harsh yellow-green cast ordinarily resulting from fluorescent bulbs. When shooting under natural light, a fluorescentfilter dramatically increases color saturation ofsubjects such as sunrises and sunsets.
Polarizer: Polarizers let you deepen and intensify blueskies, achieve vibrant color saturation, reduce or eliminate glare and reflections from non-metallic objects and glass surfaces, and minimize haze. The filter can be rotated to determine the amount of reflection to be removed. Rotate the polarizer to change blue sky densities from light to dark blue, and create dramatic contrast between blue skiesand white clouds.

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1 Year Parts & Labor Manufacture Warranty
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